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15 seconds ago. We all love some or the other dish. Everyone does not have the same set of dishes in his or her list. Similarly, not everyone loves the same brand as well. But, there is one such food brand that has accumulated lovers from all over the world. The food brand we are talking about is our favorite and one of the most popular fast food outlets- KFC. When we wish to eat chicken, we cannot rule out this name in any condition. The crispiness, the quality, the price, the ambience, the service, the food KFC offers is par excellence. The Kentucky Fried Chicken has been one of the most sought-after places for chicken lovers. Providing the best chicken made food at the most appropriate process, KFC manages to be on the top of the consumer’s wish list and hence setup MyKFCExperience Survey.

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KFC’s customer service is also unmatched when it comes to compare it with other similar fast food outlets. And it keeps on improving by continuously taking feedback from the customers. KFC has starred a unique way of taking the valuable feedback of the consumers. It has started a survey wherein you can get your experience with the KFC registered. It is the KFC guest experience survey or most popularly known as the mykfcexperience. At the end of your bill, the KFC store number in which you have ordered your food is printed. You may also find the KFC survey code printed at the end other than the KFC store number. Also, when you complete the KFC survey, you will get free Go Cup coupons.

What is MyKFCExperience survey?



The KFC guest experience survey is the official survey carried out directly by the Kentucky Fried Chicken. This survey is done to collect feedback from the consumers and to ensure that the consumers are satisfied. The survey is also popular by other names as well. They are mykfcexperience, KFC customer satisfaction survey, mykfcsurvey, etc. And what you will win after the completion of this survey is- free Go Cups. So, start collecting as much KFC receipts and KFC bills as you can. Just be aware that the necessary details are printed on your bill such as the KFC store number in which you have dined, the KFC survey code, the ticket number provided by the outlet, etc. These will be helpful for you at the time of your survey.

How can you get free Go Cups by completing the KFC survey?

For getting your survey registered, you have to visit mykfcsurvey. There, you will get the KFC feedback form which you have to fill in order to collect your free Go Cups. The feedback can be related with the KFC online order, KFC home delivery, the prices, etc. Try to collect as much bills as you can so that you may win a number of free Go Cups. In the survey, you also get the chance to leave any sort of feedback regarding any complaint or any suggestions or as a response to any action of the store members.

How To Access the MyKFCExperience survey portal?

  1. Many of you will be wondering by now as to how can you access this portal and how can you get your feedback registered with the KFC. So first things first, you need to have access to the website. You can access the website either by your mobile device, or through your computer or laptop whichever is feasible to you at that moment. You will also be requiring an internet connection. If you are in the KFC store, you may very well use their free WiFi or if you are somewhere else, you may consume your own data but in return, you will be getting free coupons. A good bet indeed!!
  2. Anyways, the next thing that you will be requiring is a valid KFC receipt or a copy of the original KFC bill or the original KFC bill itself. Keep in mind that the KFC survey code is clearly printed on your KFC receipt failing which you will not be able to register your feedback and as a result, you will not get the free Go Cup coupons. So, do check carefully for the KFC survey code on your KFC bill before leaving the store.
  3. Last but not the least, you must be free for a minimum of fifteen to twenty minutes to get the survey completed. It is not a matter of two or three minutes. The time may extend if your internet connection is slow or if your device lags. Also keep one thing in mind is that you have to complete the survey in one go. This means that you can not complete a portion of the survey and leave it to be filled later on. This is because the survey page gets expired once you log out.

How to start the mykfcexperience survey and win free Go Cup coupons?

Your wait is going to be over as now, we will be telling you how you can start the survey and claim your free Go Cup coupons.

  • Visit the nearest KFC store. You have to visit a store in order to initiate the process of survey.
  • Order something delicious from the KFC menu. Actually, everything is delicious there.
  • The choice is yours as to what you order. When you pay for the dish, be sure that you collect your bill. Be sure that the survey code is printed at the end of the bill. In the absence of either of the thing- the receipt or the survey code, you will not be able to initiate a survey. So, remember to take it before leaving the counter and keep it with you properly.
  • Once you are done having your dish, take some time and visit the website of MyKFCExperience survey. Open a browser of your choice and enter the website name: and start your part of survey.
  • On the very first page after opening the website, you will be asked to enter some data.
  • These data will be the survey code which we have alarmed your multiple times to keep safely and the time of your visit to the centre. Make sure you have entered correct information and click submit.
  • Now, the survey portal will be opened for you. There you will be asked to fill information related to your latest visit to the KFC store. In the survey, you might be asked to vote for the dining experience, the dish you had ordered and the price that you paid for it, cleanliness of the store, attitude of the employees, etc.
  • After completing the survey, you can also give some personal feedback as well. You can complain about anything that you found miserable with the store or its food. You may also provide your valuable suggestions.
  • Now, submit the survey that you have filled and save the free Go Cup coupons that you get.
  • Now is the time for you to redeem the coupon. Visit any KFC centre and redeem your coupon and once again, eat delicious food from there. Hope you find this article up to your expectations. Stay in touch for more updates. Thank you for reading and participating in mykfcexperience survey!!

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